Spanish I – 10 de noviembre hasta 14 de noviembre

10 de noviembre
Bellwork – Traduzca (Translate)
1. The short girl walks to her grandmother’s house.
2. Her grandmother’s house is in the forest.
3. The girl has a basket with an apple, a banana and some grapes.
4. In the forest she sees a blue bird, a green frog and a yellow fish.
5. The wolf has big eyes, big ears and big teeth.
Handout: El chico y las vacas – Read the story and look at words in bold to see if you can figure out what they mean.

11 de noviembre
We tell the last half of the story Caperucita Roja and act it out. Students draw the rest of the story and then write the story below the pictures.

12 de noviembre
Practice telling the story from the pictures.
Hand out: Caperucita Roja story written with questions on back. Read and answer the first 17 questions. You can download this document in the orange box entitled My Shared Files located to the right on this blog.

13 de noviembre

Review the story. Answer the rest of the questions.
Create a list of characters and problems for a story the class will write. Vote for the characters and the problems.

14 de noviembre
Listen to the story of Caperucita Roja, the mp3 that I have recorded for them.
The whole class writes a story together. I write it on a transparency while students copy it. We look at how to start a story and how to add more details. We try to use old vocabulary as well as the recent vocabulary and tell the setting with the weather. Each class will vote on the best story of the four Spanish I classes. We’ll see which class is the winner next week.

Next week
students will take an oral test telling the story of Caperucita Roja by looking at their pictures. They will each be expected to talk for 2 minutes.
Also, students will write a story using recent and old vocabulary. They will have one class period to complete the story, using vocabulary from a list that I give them that day.



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