Spanish I – 1 de diciembre hasta 5 de diciembre

1 de diciembre (primero de diciembre)
Un dictado
Updated vocabulary list – Look below to the right at the blue box that turns orange to get a list of the vocabulary and a practice sheet with the vocabulary from the entire 2nd 9 weeks. It’s called Practice Sheet Vocab 2nd 9 weeks.
Numbers 1-12, 15, 20, 25, 30 to tell time

2 de diciembre
Practice time with clocks.
New vocabulary (See list mentioned above)

3 de diciembre
Diario: Work with time.
We told the beginning of a story with the new vocabulary.

4 de diciembre
Diario: Fill in the blanks from our story from yesterday.
We discussed the projects for the Foreign Language Festival – See the categories below.
You need to decide on a project by December 18th. Next week you will receive a contract to fill out and have signed by a parent or guardian.
Review new vocabulary and learn new vocabulary

5 de diciembre
Practice with time on transparency – one partner puts that time on the clock. The other partner writes the time in Spanish. Check to see if it’s correct.
Finish the story. See a similar story in the blue box that turns orange below to the right. See if you can read it and understand it.
The file is called Maravillosa busca un regalo.


Be thinking about what project you plan to do for the Foreign Language Festival.
Only the best projects can go to the Festival. Start now.
The contract for the project must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian before Christmas Break.

Recitation of a poem – Memorize and recite a poem.
Reading Proficiency – Read a passage with menus and itineraries, etc. and answer questions.
Oral Proficiency – Chat with a judge for a few minutes.
Listening Proficiency – Listen to passages read and answer questions about it.
Writing Proficiency – Choose one prompt from two listed and write for 30 minutes
Dialogue – Two students prepare a conversation to give in front of a judge, based upon the topics for their particular year of study.
Project – This may include the following: models of buildings, landscapes, and/or monuments; advertisements, cookbooks, and/or other print media; presentations on history, literature and/or other forms of cultural expression.
Video – No longer than ten minutes – The video should depict the culture, should be in Spanish, and should reflect this year’s theme chosen by KWLA.
Frameable Art – You may make a copy of an original piece by a Spanish artist, or you may create an original piece of your own that depicts Spanish culture.
Chorus – This involves weekly practice and a commitment to the group.
Dance – Last year we did the ChaCha and the Tango. This year we’ll do the Paso Doble. This involves weekly practice and a commitment to the group.



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