Spanish I – 20 de enero

1. Mira las noticias en Venezuela

2. – Practice the vocabulary from Pobre Ana at these sites:
You need to sign in for this:
Try all of the vocabulary from Pobre Ana:
You need to sign in for this:

3. At MY SHARED FILES, look at the document on 2008-09 Judging criteria to be sure that you have completed all necessary parts of the project. Remember that you have to write a report for projects from the second list from the contract.

If, by chance, you are still looking for topics for your project, look at MY SHARED FILES for Topic ideas for projects FESTIVAL .

4. Write a one-page report for your project:

Projects: Include its cultural relevance, any events your project may portray, how your project demonstrates the culture of the people, and details of its construction. Include the country involved. Your display should give enough relevant info for a viewer to understand your topic. Be prepared to give a 3-minute oral presentation, in Spanish, on the cultural info and details of construction.

Art – A written description must accompany the art work. Level I students may describe their project in English. All other students must describe it in Spanish. Tell about the culture that it represents and your reason for choosing this scene, masterpiece, this medium, and/or this artist’s work.

VIDEOS: The theme for 2009 is: “Let’s Play: Welcoming International Guest.” Videos should present a game / sport / competition found at your school, explaining it to a group of exchange students arriving from the culture you are studying. Include the title, contents, and objectives of the video. Be sure to include its relevance to the theme of KWLA for the current year. Include which country, group or event is depicted in the video.

Dance – Group must submit a one page description of the song and its cultural significance in the target language to the judge prior to the performance. Research the Paso Doble.

If you are doing a project from the 1st list on the contract (a test or poem or dance), do the following:

Recitation of a poem: Practice saying the poem. Say it to two other students and once to me today.

These are the topics for tests:
LEVEL I: introducing oneself, family, pets, weather, school. Write a paper telling me about all of these topics.
LEVEL II: All previous topics plus: getting dressed; going to a restaurant; describing home, friends, leisure activities.
LEVEL III: All previous topics plus: daily routines; going shopping; describing the community
LEVEL IV – All previous topics plus: describing holiday celebrations; discussing health, professions, travel, transportation, vacations.
LEVEL V – All previous topics plus: talking about future plans; discussing culture/contemporary cultural issues (current events, economics, literature, science, social studies, etc)

Look at my Quia site and find vocabulary with those categories so that you can practice it.

Oral Proficiency – Look at the topics for your level in my Quia exercises and practice – (introducing oneself, family, pets, weather, school)

Writing Proficiency – Look at the topics for your level in my Quia exercises and practice. Write a page telling about all of the topics from your level.

Reading Proficiency – Students will be presented with a series of authentic reading materials (for example: street sign, calendar, menu, e-mail, note, newspaper article, etc) and will have to answer multiple choice questions regarding each item. – Look at my Quia site for vocabulary on food, months, and numbers (Level I). Be sure you know that vocabulary. Also, go to the National Spanish Exam Practice site and practice at your level (Vocabulary, Grammar):

Practice tests for National Spanish Exam:

Listening Proficiency: Practice the vocabulary for your level. Then go to this site and practice listening at your level:



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