Spanish I – 23 de febrero de 2009

Before you begin, open a second window in Internet Explorer so you can refer back to these instructions!!!!

NOTE: Your vocabulary list is to the right in the blue box, MY SHARED FILES. You can download it if you have lost it: I el libro perdido vocabulario
There is also a practice page for the vocabulary:

1. REVIEW THIS INFO: TAKE NOTES!! You need to know this well!
What is the date? = ¿Cuál es la fecha?
How do you say the date? el 23 de febrero de 2009
What are the seasons (estaciones)? la primavera (spring), el verano (summer), el otoño (fall), el invierno (winter)
Los días de la semana: el domingo (Sun.), el lunes (Mon), el martes, el miércoles, el jueves, el viernes, el sábado
What is the weather like? = ¿Qué tiempo hace?
What is (person) like? = ¿Cómo es ____?
At what time…? = ¿A qué hora….? … a las dos y media (a la una) de la tarde (de la mañana, de la noche)
How does ___ feel? = ¿Cómo está ___?
Which month is better for… ? = ¿Cuál mes es mejor para…?

2. Listening Comprehension Practice: Read the following information before going to the site.
El sábado de Felipe
Listen to how Felipe faired on Saturday trying to find the courage to phone María. After listening, answer questions about the podcast. The secret word is Felipe.

3. Now write the following vocabulary:
almorzar – to eat lunch
morir – to die
aprobar – to approve
mostrar – to show
colgar – to hang
mover – to move (an object)
contar – to count, to tell
probar – to prove, test, sample, taste
costar – to cost
recordar – to remember
devolver – to return (an object)
resolver – to solve
volver – to return (from someplace)
rogar – to beg, pray
dormir – to sleep
sonar – to sound, ring
encontrar – to find
soñar (con) – to dream (about)
envolver – to wrap
tostar – to toast
morder – to bite
volar – to fly

4. At the site below, do the Basic Quiz, the Mini-Test, and the Oral.
Now go to this site to complete those activities:
(Grammar: Unit Three – Stem-Changing verbs o:ue)



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