Spanish III – 4 de marzo de 2009

Some of you didn’t finish everything last time, so someof this is repeated. If you already finished parts of it, go on to the next part.

Be sure you open a second window in Internet Explorer so you can come back to these directions easily.

NOTE: Your next vocabulary list is in MY SHARED FILES in the blue box to the right: Se casaran

1. Hoy van a escribirle a Ricardo un mensaje al correo electrónico, pero necesitan escribírmelo también para recibir una nota. Tienen que poner mi dirección en la parte CC: maestrarose@hotmailcom
En el mensaje busco lo siguiente…
–Necesitan hacerle a Ricardo por lo menos dos preguntas sobre México y el lugar donde vive o lo que le gusta hacer allí.
–Necesitan incluir dos oraciones usando el subjuntivo.

2. Go to the following site and listen to Real Spanish Control 3 before answering the questions. The secret word is control.

3. Go to Barbara Nelson’s site below and do the activities in the order in which they are shown. Es el subjuntivo 😉

4. SPANISH PROFICIENCY EXERCISES – LISTENING – Start at the top of the page to see what you can understand easily. Make notes of new vocabulary you hear during the listening activities.
At the bottom of the page you will see some grammar sites to practice. Try these:

Imperfect subjunctive sup04
Imperfect subjunctive and conditional tenses sup01
Imperfect tense int29int30
Impersonal se and passive se adv22



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