3rd and 4th weeks of school –

We have been busy!!!!  I’m very proud of your progress!!!

You know the Spanish alphabet and have been practicing writing the syllables that I’ve dictated to you.

You have learned vocabulary by listening and using gestures (The list should be in your notebook under Vocabulario. To the right there is also an mp3 file of the vocabulary that you can download and practice.)

You have listened to two stories and actors in class have acted them out.  You have practiced saying them.

We have written them (they should be in your notebooks under Lectura).

You will make your first recording the week of August 24th:  Rimas and Paco Peco (To the right there is an mp3 file of Paco Peco that can be downloaded to practice).

In order to keep up with the class, it is important that you PRACTICE!!!!  I’ve created numerous exercises and files to help you along the way…

You can practice the vocabulary at my Quia site (There are study tips in blue and links for practice pages below that. Below those links are other links to other websites for more practice like How to roll your R’s:


If you’d like to sing a little song, here are the words to our last song:

Fray Felipe, Fray Felipe,
¿Duermes tú? ¿Duermes tú?
Toca la campana, Toca la campana
Tin, Tan, Ton, Tin, Tan, Ton

The entry below this one has a link to practice greetings.

¡Hasta el lunes! – See you Monday!



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