3rd & 4th weeks of 4th 9 weeks

20 de abril de 2011
1. Go to website: https://srarose.wordpress.com You are here.
2. Look at the first 3 entries below. They are documents that you can download if you need to. (Verb info sheet, vocabulary list for 4th 9 weeks, Fan vocabulary practice sheet)
3. List of vocabulary we have had La tienda de ropa #1a
4. Practice exercise with that vocabulary list. – Try all 4 modes: Flashcards, Recognize, Listen, Recall.
4. Practice exercise with Verbs – tercer cuarto. Try all 4 modes: Flashcards, Recognize, Listen, Recall.
Go to the following site.
Click on Present tense.
Down below, click on 10verbs that we have studied.
Click on Personal Selection button. Then practice.
6. Look to the far right margin just above the Blue Box.
You’ll see an orange square in front of the words Spanish I – 4th 9 weeks (Below that it says 24 preguntas.) Click on the orange box. When you get to that page, click on the link at the bottom to listen to the 24 questions and PRACTICE ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS.
7. Go to the tab at the top that says Cuarto Cuarto. PRACTICE VERBS AT THE WEBSITES LISTED.
8. Look at the margin to the right of this site where it says “Create Comics and Books” and check out the sites. Try them out to see how they works. You can create a comic version of the story you wrote.


You can download this chart with verb endings…

4th 9 weeks – Vocabulary list

You can download it here:

Sp I Vocab-4th 9 weeks 2010-11.doc



La tienda de ropa #1a

la tienda de ropa——— the clothing store
el próximo día———– the next day
no puede leer———— s/he is not able to read
cada día—————— each day
para comprar———— in order to buy
todavía —————— still
el mismo día————- the same day
gasta ———————- s/he spends
vamos a buscar ———- we are going to look for
quinientos cincuenta y cinco—– 555
va a regresar————– s/he is going to return
el/la dependiente——— the clerk
un montón de dinero—- a ton of money
¡Ayúdame!————— Help me!
el vestido—————– the dress
el abrigo—————— the coat
la falda——————– the skirt
la camisa—————— the shirt
la camiseta—————- the t-shirt
la blusa——————– the blouse




Go to the following site.
Click on Present tense.
Down below, click on the verbs that we have studied.
Then practice.
¿Puedes leer esto?

Hay un muchacho que tiene un problema. No puede encontrar los calcetines. Por eso, va a la tienda de ropa y compra los calcetines nuevos en la sección de ropa para muchachos. Regresa a su casa y se duerme, pero el próximo día no puede encontrar los calcetines nuevos. Cada día el muchacho va a la tienda para comprar más calcetines, pero todavía tiene el mismo problema. Gasta un montón de dinero. El dependiente ve al chico cada día y le dice, — ¿No tienes calcetines ya?
El chico se enoja y no responde.
Un día grita, ¬¬ –¡Mamá, ayúdame!
La mamá responde, –¡Búscalos debajo de tu cama!
Buscan debajo de la cama y encuentran un montón de calcetines. Hay 555 calcetines en total. Nunca va a regresar a la tienda para comprar calcetines por el resto de su vida.

24 questionsthe oral test will be May 9th in the Trojan Lab.

The 24 questions are listed under the tab above entitled Cuarto Cuarto.

You can download an mp3 of the 24 oral questions so that you can practice.

Look to the right margin and click on the orange square in front of  Spanish I – 4th 9 weeksabove 24 preguntas.

I have left time for you to reply just like you will have for the test.

We read Berta la gorila. Students wrote questions about the story and answered them orally.


We practiced translating verbs.  Can you translate these correctly?

I wear
You buy
He finds
We return
Y’all read (in Spain)
They look for
Do I walk slowly?
Do we go to the store?
Why do they spend a lot of money?
When does he wake up?
When do you get up?
I look for
We read
I like
He likes the ties.
They like the skirt.
They help
I get mad
We buy
You can
I have
I do; make
I put
I see
I eat
I get up
I like the green pants.
He likes the shirt.
They like the plane.
You like the purple shoes.
We like to spend money.



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