5th week of 4th 9 weeks

el lunes:
Traduzca las oraciones: (Translate the sentences.)

¿Qué lleva?
1. I wear a purple shirt and jeans.
2. You wear a green blouse and a brown skirt.
3. He wears a white coat and black boots because it’s snowing.
4. We wear blue shorts and an orange t-shirt.
5. They wear red jackets.

¿Qué busca?
1. I’m going to look for a pink dress.
2. You look for a gray tie.
3. She looks for black pants and a yellow blouse.
4. We are going to look for cheap clothing. (barato = cheap)
5. Y’all look for new socks.

¿Cuánto dinero gasta? (dólares = dollars; por – in exchange for)
1. I spend a lot of money for clothing.
2. You spend thiry dollars for an interesting book. (interesante)
3. He spends fifteen dollars for a good meal.
4. We spend forty dollars for a sweatshirt.
5. They spend fifty dollars for brown shoes.

¿Qué puede hacer?
1. I can read long novels. (novelas = novels)
2. You can find pretty clothing in the clothing store.
3. She can buy many cats.
4. We can return to the clothing store.
5. They can look for a small car.

Using gustar:
1. I like the green pants.
2. You like the purple shoes.
3. John likes the shirt.
4. We like to spend money.
5. Y’all like the purple shoes.
6. They like the plane.

Contesta las preguntas en español: (Answer the questions in Spanish)
1. ¿Quién lleva unos calcetines blancos?
2. ¿Qué lleva la persona enfrente de ti? (enfrente de – in front of)
3. ¿Cuándo te gusta dormirte?
4. ¿Dónde pones tu ropa?
5. ¿Por qué duermes mucho?
6. ¿A qué hora vas a la tienda?


State Testing began Tuesday, continued Thursday and ended Friday.

Classes that met after testing learned to dance the Bachata, the Salsa and the Merengue.  A dance test followed.


Progress Reports go out Friday.  Progress reports will have lower grades than usual since we began this 9 weeks with 55 Language Practice Points.  We didn’t meet for regular classes this week to gain more points, but there will be many opportunities to gain more in the coming weeks.  Also, students can come in before or after class in order to gain more points by speaking with me in Spanish using our latest vocabulary.


We had a quiz Thursday of last week.  I returned it the next day so that students could make changes if they wanted to do so.

NOTE:  One trait of a good student is that after the test, s/he will look up words that s/he forgot during any test and then learn those so that s/he won’t be behind.  Successful students review words that we are working as well as old vocabulary, every day for about 15 minutes.  That’s all it takes.

Jugamos Bingo con los números.

Maya & Miguel – a fun site to listen to Spanish 🙂
pasarlo bien – to have a good time
disfrutar – to enjoy
fácil – easy
difícil – difficult
Traje – I brought
asusta – s/he frightens
la manta – blanket
el pastel – cake





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