Welcome to Spanish class!

Read your syllabus carefully, have it signed, and return the signature page to me.

Information and practice for the 1st quarter can be found at the tab above entitled Primer Cuarto (1st quarter).


Comcast has a program to provide low cost Internet access to students who receive free lunches. They are also offering computers at a reduced price. Click on the link below to see the flyer in English and in Spanish:

Do you remember these words and phrases?

Enseña (Teach)—ok
Manos y ojos (Hands and eyes)

Me gusta… It is pleasing to me (I like)
Le gusta… It is pleasing to him/her (S/he likes)
Juega… S/he plays
Buenos días. ——Good morning.
Buenas tardes.—–Good afternoon.
Buenas noches.—–Good evening.
(See below for more words and phrases that we used)

¿Qué te pasa calabaza?
Nada, nada limonada.

The Alphabet Song that we sang is on the Primer Cuarto page so you can practice.


Perseverance is a must for Language LearnersBe like Gus


Some words and phrases we have used…

Me gusta——————- It is pleasing to me (I like)
Le gusta——————- It is pleasing to him/her (S/he likes)
Juega———————- S/he plays
monta en bicicleta——- s/he rides a bike
los deportes————— the sports
baloncesto—————– basketball
fútbol americano——— football
fútbol———————— soccer
béisbol———————- baseball
vóleibol——————— volleyball
golf————————— golf
anda en monopatín——- s/he rides skateboard
anima———————- s/he cheers
corre———————- s/he runs
dibuja——————— s/he draws
escribe——————– s/he writes
lee———————— s/he reads
nada———————– s/he swims
la música—————— music
feliz———————- happy

s/he gets up————-Se levanta
s/he sits down———-se sienta
s/he walks(rides)——-anda
s/he stops—————para
s/he turns around—–da la vuelta
s/he touches————toca
the head—————–la cabeza
the nose—————–la nariz
the shoulder————el hombro
the eye——————-el ojo
the leg——————-la pierna
the mouth—————la boca
s/he jumps————–salta
forward——————para adelante
backward—————-hacia atrás
s/he shouts————–grita
loud; strong————-fuerte
s/he points at———–señala
s/he hits—————–pega
the door—————–la puerta
the table—————–la mesa
the window————-la ventana
the ceiling—————el techo
the floor—————–el piso
El vocabulario para el cuento: (The vocabulary for the story)
the boy—————el muchacho
s/he walks————anda
s/he hits himself—–se pega
s/he yells————grita
the chair————-la silla
the girl————–la muchacha
s/he stops————para
the head————–la cabeza
s/he sits down——–se sienta
s/he laughs———–se ríe

Those little words…
in; on—————en
at; to—————a
of the; from the—–del
s/he hits him/herself.—se pega

El muchacho que se pega la cabeza…

You can listen to this story. Click on the Orange RSS feed square in the right margin. At that site, click on the file to download it and listen or add to your mp3 player.

Hay un muchacho alto que anda rápidamente a la puerta y no para. Se pega la cabeza en la puerta y grita, -¡O, no! ¡O, no!
El muchacho toca la cabeza y anda muy despacio a la silla. El muchacho se sienta muy despacio. La muchacha se ríe. La muchacha es mala.

Question words:

I made a short movie for you. Can you understand some of it?



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