Week 1 – I A 5-7 agosto 2015

Success some think the road is straight 2

Success Listen Practice and Succeed

The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

“You can go from knowing nothing about any skill that you can think of… learning a language, (etc… to being reasonably good.) If you put 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice into that thing, you will be astounded at how good you are.”

Four simple steps to rapid skill acquisition:
1) Deconstruct the skill (Practice the most important ones first)
2) Learn enough to self-correct
3) Remove practice barriers
4) Practice at least 20 hours (of focused, deliberate practice)

And to quote Josh Kaufman : “The major barrier to skill acquisition isn’t intellectual, it’s emotional”

Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

Here’s some food for thought:

We are in America Speak English

Have you signed up for Remind.com?

Each class has a different code.

Use the information from the paper that I gave you at the beginning of the trimester.


Parent Homework:  Please complete the following assignment…


That’s right… you are getting your very own homework assignments! It is very important to me to get to know my students individually. With the trimester system, I will have less time to do that. It seems that no matter what, I find out later in the year that “Johnny” needs to wear his glasses in class, or “Jane” has ADD. I’d like to know things like that as soon as possible.

Please let me know what is important for me to know about your child so that we can work toward a successful experience.

I prefer that you send me an e-mail as listed on the paper I sent home, with your child’s name as the Subject. That will help me return an e-mail to you in the future. If you can’t e-mail me, please send the information to me with your child.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this assignment. I look forward to teaching your scholar.


Sra. Rose


Websites to use for practice:

Spanish IA Vocabulary page: https://srarose.wordpress.com/spanish-i-a/vocabulario/
Spanish IB Vocabulary page: https://srarose.wordpress.com/spanish-i-b/vocabulario-i-b/
Spanish I website: https://srarose.wordpress.com/
Quia site for practice: http://www.quia.com/pages/crose11/page8
Quizlet site for practice: https://quizlet.com/srarose/folders/spanish-i
Remind.com To: 81010 Message: @58537



HOW TO STUDY SPANISH – presentation


We are learning the alphabet. Go to the tab above entitled Spanish IA (First Half) to find some practice exercises and videos for that.

All vowels will ALWAYS be pronounced the same way. It’s important to learn that pronunciation right away so that reading new words will be easy for you.

Turn in your paper with signatures saying that you have read the syllabus for Spanish class on Friday.

BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A 3-RING BINDER FOR CLASS. We don’t use a book, so the information in your binder and on my websites are your study tools.

REMEMBER to REVIEW what we do in class just 15 minutes per night and do all of the work for class, and you will have no problems in Spanish class.
El alfabeto


El alfabeto



Vocabulary Quiz Preparation and HOW TO STUDY SPANISH


A Mardsan Giberter for Farfie
Translate the following and answer the questions about the reading.

Glis was very fraper. She had denarpen Farfie’s mardsan. She didn’t talp a giberter for him. So she colanted to plimp a mardsan blinky for him. She had just sparved the blinky when he jibbled in the gorger.

“Clorsty mardsan!” she boffed.

“That’s a crouistish mardsan blinky,” boffed Farfie, “but my mardsan is on Stansan. Agsan is Kelsan.”

“In that ruspen,” boffed Glis, “I won’t whank your giberter until Stansan.”
Here are some questions that might help you figure this out:
1. Why was Glis fraper?
2. What did Glis plimp?
3. Who jibbled in the gorger when Glis sparved the blinky?
4. What did Farfie bof about the mardsan blinky?
5. Why wouldn’t Glis whank Farfie his giberter?


The United Nations has declared August 9th to be The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

Here’s a site with some interesting info:



‘GoPros’ y ‘selfies’ en los encierros de San Fermín






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