Una historia de piratas: encontrado barco del Capitán Morgan:


Un estudiante dice el cuento  por dos minutos sin prepararse.

Comprehensive Vocabulary List for Piratas del Caribe

a bordo: aboard
a favor de: in favor of
a la derecha: to the right
a: to, at
abandonaste: you abandoned
abandoné: I abandoned
abandonó: he/she abandoned
aborda: he/she boards
abordan: they/you pl. board
aborden: you pl. board (command form)
abruptamente: abruptly
absurda: absurd
acción: action
acéptame: accept me
actitud: attitude
actúa: he/she acts
admite: he/she admits
adónde: to where
adora: he/she adores
adoro: I adore
afecta: he/she/it affects
agarra: he/she grabs
agarrar: to grab
agarren: you pl. grab (command form)
agresión: aggression
agresivo: aggressive
Agua de vida: Water of Life- from
the Fountain of Youth
ahora: now
ahorita: right now
aire: air
al contrario: on the contrary
al instante: immediately
alerta: alert
amigo: friend
animal: animal
año: year
apunta: he/she points
arrogante: arrogant
ataca: he/she attacks
atacan: they/you pl. attack
atacando: attacking
atacar: to attack
ataque: the attack
ataquen: you pl. attack (command form)
atención: attention
atentamente: attentively
atracción: attraction
atractivo: attractive
atrapado: trapped
automática: automatically
ay: oh
barco: boat
barras: bars
besa: he/she kisses
besar: to kiss
bien: well
bloqueada: blocked
boca: mouth
bonita: pretty
brazo: arm
brillante: brillant
brutales: brutal
bruto: brute
bueno: good
busca: he/she looks for
buscan: they/you pl. look for
busquen: you pl. look for (command form)
cabeza: head
cabina: cabin
cacao: cocoa
calcula: he/she calculates
cállate: shut up
calma: he/she calms
cálmense: you pl. calm yourselves
camina: he/she walks
caminan: they/you pl. walk
caminar: to walk
canoas: canoes
cañones: cannons
caos: chaos
capitán: captain
capítulo: chapter
capturan: they/you pl. capture
capturaron: they/you pl. captured
cara: face
caramba: heck
Caribe: Caribbean
casa: house
causar: to cause
celebra: he/she celebrates
celebrar: to celebrate
chaqueta: jacket
choca: he/she/it clashes
cinco: five
circunstancias: circumstances
clan: clink, clang
clic: click
código: code
colección: collection
combaten: they/you pl. combat
comenta: he/she comments
comete: he/she commits
cómicos: funny, comical
cómo: how
como: like
completamente: completely
comprende: he/she understands
comprendes: you understand
comprendo: I understand
comunicar: communicate, notify
con nosotros: with us
con: with
concentración: concentration
confiesa: he/she confeses
conflictos: conflicts
confusion: confusion
confuso: confused
conmigo: with me
conserva: he/she conserves
consumen: they/you pl. consume
contenta: happy
contigo: with you
continúa: he/she continues
continuar: to continue
contrario: contrary
controlan: they/you pl. control
controlando: controlling
conversación: conversation
corre: he/she runs
correcto: correct
corren: they/you pl. run
corriendo: running
cortan: they/you pl. cut
corten: they/you pl. cut (command form)
costa: coast
cruel: cruel
cruelmente: cruelly
cuando: when
cuatro: four
Cuba: Cuba
cubanos: Cubans
cuello: neck
cuerpo: body
cueva: cave
curiosamente: curiously
curiosidad: curiosity
curioso: curious
de mí: from me
de nada: you are welcome
de: of, from
decisión: decision
dedos: fingers
defender: to defend
defiende: he/she defends
defiendes: you defend
dentro: inside
derecha: right (direction)
derecho: right side
desafortunadamente: unfortunately
desastre: disaster
deshonestos: dishonest
después: after
destrucción: destruction
destruir: to destroy
determinación: determination
detrás: behind, in back of
di: I gave
días: days
dice: he/she says
diez: ten
difíciles: difficult (plural)
dignidad: dignity
dirección: direction
directamente: directly
distancia: distance
diste: you gave
distracción: distraction
documentos: documents
donde: where
dónde: where (question word)
dos: two
e: and
él: he
ella: she
ellos: they
emoción: emotion
emocionados: excited (plural)
en el cuello: on or to his/her neck
en realidad: in reality
en: in, at, on
enfrente: in fronte of
enorme: enormous
entonces: then
entra: he/she enters
entrada: the entrance
entran: they/you pl. enter
entre: among, between
eres: you are
error: error
es: he/she is
escape: the escape
escribe: he/she writes
escucha: he/she listens
escucho: I listen
espadas: swords
España: Spain
español: Spanish
españoles: Spaniards
especial: special
esposo: spouse
está atrapado: he/she is trapped
está bien: he/she is well
está bloqueada: he/she/it is blocked
está contenta: he/she is happy
está frente a: he/she/it is in front of
está furioso: he/she is furious
está impresionada: he/she is impressed
está nervioso: he/she is nervous
está observando: he/she is observing
está preparado: he/she is preparing
está triste: he/she is sad
está: he/she is
estabas: you were
están contentos: they/you pl. are happy
están emocionados: they/you pl. are excited
están mirando: they/you pl. are looking
estar: to be
estás: you are
esté: he/she/it is (subjunctive)
este: this
estén: they/you pl. are (subjunctive)
estudiamos: we study, studied
estudian: they/you pl. study
Europa: Europe
evidente: evident
exactamente: exactly
excelente: excellent
excepcionales: exceptional
exclama: he/she exclaims
excusa: excuse
existen: they/you pl. exist
experiencia: experience
experto: expert
explica: he/she explains
explosión: explosion
explota: he/she explodes
familia: family
familiar: familar
famoso: famous
fantástico: fantastic
fascinación: fascination
femenino: feminine, female
fiesta: party
finalmente: finally
flota: fleet
forzarlos: force them
frente: front
frustración: frustration
frustrado: frustrated
frutas: fruits
fue: it was
funciona: he/she/it functions, works
furiosamente: furiously, angrily
furioso: furious, angry
gordo: fat
gracias: thanks
gran: big
grande: big
grita: he/she yells
gritan: they/you pl. yell
gritando: yelling
gritos: the yells
grupo: group
gusta: is pleasing
gusto: was pleasing
habla: he/she speaks, talks
hablamos: we speak, talk
hablan: they/you pl. speak, talk
hablando: speaking, talking
hablar: to speak, talk
hablaste: you spoke, talked
hablé: I spoke, talked
hacer: to do, make
hacia: toward
hay: there is or there are
hispana: Hispanic
Hispaniola: Hispaniola
histéricamente: histerically
hola: hi
hombre: man
honesto: honest
honor: honor
horrible: horrible
horror: horror
horrorizado: horrorified
hoy: today
idea: idea
idiota: idiot
importan: they/you pl. are important
importante: important
imposible: impossible
impresionada: impressed
impulsiva: impulsive
inconsciente: unconscious
increíble: incredible
indefensa: defenseless
indica: he/she/it indicates
indicar: to indicate
inepto: inept, incapable
información: information
informar: to inform
inglés: English, English language
iniciativa: initiative
insiste: he/she insists
insistes: you insist
instante: instant (see: al instante)
instrucciones: instructions
insulta: he/she insults
insultes: you insult (negative command form)
insulto: the insult
inteligencia: intelligence
inteligente: intelligent
intenciones: intentions
intenta: he/she attempts
intentes: you attempt, try (command form)
interesado: interested
interesante: interesting
interrumpe: he/she interrupts
invasión: invasion
investigar: to investigate
invitas: you invite
irracional: irrational
isla: island
izquierda: left (direction)
Jamaica: Jamaica
José: Joseph
Juan: John
La Habana: Havana
largo: long
le gusta: it is pleasing to him/her; he/she likes
le gustó: it was pleasing to him/her; he/she liked
le: him/her
leyenda: legend
líquido: liquid
llama: he/she calls
llega: he/she arrives
llegan: they/you pl. arrive
loco: crazy
lógico: logical
machetes: machetes
mágico: magical
magnífico: magnificent
mala: bad
mano: hand
mapa: map
mar: sea
más: more
más…que: more than
masculine: masculine
mayo: May
me gusta: it is pleasing to me, I like
me llamo: I call myself, my name is
me: me
memoria: memory
memorizamos: we memorized
menciona: he/she mentions
mercado: market
mesa: table
mí: me
mi: my
mía: mine
miedo: fear
mineral: mineral
minutos: minutes
mira: he/she looks at; he/she watches
miran: they/you pl. look at, watch
mirando: looking
mis: my (plural)
misión: mission
misteriosos: misterious
molesto: annoyed, irritated
momento: moment
moverse: to move oneself
muchas: a lot (plural)
mucho gusto: an expression used
when meeting someone
mueve: he/she moves
mujer: woman
muy: very
navegación: navegation
navegamos: we navegate
navegando: navegating
necesitamos: we need
necesitas: you need
necesito: I need
negros: black (plural)
nervioso: nervous
ni: nor
no la ve: he does not see her
no le diste: you didn’t give her
no pasa nada: nothing happens
no se mueven: they/you pl. don’t move
no: no
nombre: name
normal: normal
norte: north
nos vemos: we’ll see each other
nosotros: we
nota: he/she notes
nota: the note
novia: girlfriend, fiancé
novio: boyfriend, fiancé
nuestro: our
Nueva España: New Spain
nueva: new
o: or
objeto: object
observa: he/she observes
observan: they/you pl. observe
observe: observes (subjuntive)
observes: you observe (subjuntive)
obvio: obvious
ocurre: it occurs
oficial: official
ofrece: he/she offers
ojos: eyes
opinión: opinion
oportunidad: oportunity
organiza: he/she organizes
otra vez: again
otra: other, another
otros: other, another (plural)
Panamá: Panama
pánico: panic
pantalones: pants
papá: dad
para ir: in order to go
para: for, to, in order to
partes: parts
particular: particular
pasa: he/she/it passes
pasar: to pass
pasen: they/you pl. pass (subjunctive)
pasión: passion
pega: he/she hits
pegas: you hit
pegaste: you hit (past tense)
pelo: hair
pensar: to think
pequeña: small or little
perdón: sorry
perdóname: forgive me
perfecto: perfect
Perla Blanca: White Pearl
permites: you permit
permitimos: we permit
permitiste: you permitted
pero: but
personalidad: personality
personas: persons, people
piensa en: he/she thinks about, ponders about
piensan: they/you pl. think, ponder
pies: feet
pilota: he/she pilots
piloto: pilot
pirata: pirate
pistola: pistol
planes: plans
plata: money, silver
plaza: plaza, town square
poco a poco: little by little
poco: a little
podemos: we can, are able to
pone: he/she puts
ponen: they/you pl. put
por eso: that’s why, therefore, for that reason
por favor: please
por fin: finally
por qué: why
porción: portion
porque: because
posible: possible
posición: position
precioso: precious
preferiste: you preferred
prefiere: he/she prefers
prefieres: you prefer
pregunta: he/she asks a question
preguntas: the questions; you ask
pregunté: I asked
prepara: he/she prepares
preparado: preparing
preparan: they/you pl. prepare
presentarles: present them
prestan atención: they/you pl. pay attention
pretende: he/she pretends
pretender: to pretend
prisioneros: prisoners
problema: problem
puede: he/she can, is able to
puedes: you can, are able to
puedo: I can, am able to
Puerto del Príncipe: Port of the Prince
pues: well
pum: bam
qué raro: how strange
que: that
qué: what
quería: I/he/she wanted
querías: you wanted
quién: who
quiere (ir): he/she wants (to go)
quieren: they/you pl. want
quieres: you want
quiero ver: I want to see
quiero: I want
quince: fifteen
quítate: take off (command form)
rápidamente: rapidly, quickly, fast
rápido: rapid, quick, fast
raro: strange
reacción: reaction
reacciona: he/she reacts
real: real
realidad: reality
realmente: really
recibo: I receive
record: record
regresar: to return
relación: relationship
repite: he/she repeats
reputación: reputation
reservada: reserved
respetan: they/you pl. respect
respeto: the respect
responde: he/she responds
respondiste: you responded
responsable: responsible
restaurante: restaurant
resto: rest, remainder
revela: he/she reveals
revelados: revealed
revelar: to reveal
rico: rich
robar: to rob or steal
robaron: they/you pl. robbed or stole
robo: the theft
rocas: rocks
Rodrigo: Rodney
romance: romance
romántica: romantic
románticamente: romantically
ropa: clothes
rumores: rumors
ruta: route
sabe: he/she knows (a fact)
saben: they/you pl. know (a fact)
sabes: you know (a fact)
saca: he/she takes out
sal: you leave, come out (command form)
sale: he/she leaves (a place), goes out
salir: to leave, go out
salvar: to save
salvaron: they/you pl. saved
Santiago: James
se besan: they/you pl. kiss (each other)
se calma: he/she calms himself/herself
se defiende: he/she defends himself/herself
se dividen: they/you pl. divide themselves up
se levanta: he/she gets or stands up
se llama: he/she calls himself/herself
(his/her name is)
se mueve: he/she moves himself/herself
se parte: it breaks apart
se permite: it is permitted
se preparan: they/you pl. prepare themselves
se quita: he/she takes (it) off from himself/herself
se resiste: he/she resists
se ríe: he/she laughs
se ríen: they/you pl. laugh
se salva: he/she saves himself/herself
se separa: he/she/it separates
se toca: he/she touches himself/herself
se va: he/she goes or leaves
se van: they/you pl. go, leave
sé: I know (a fact)
secreto: secret
segundos: seconds
separar: to separate
ser: to be
seriamente: seriously
serias: serious (plural)
serio: serious
Sevilla: Seville
si: if
sí: yes
siente: he/she feels
silencio: silence
sistema: sistem
situación: situation
sociable: sociable
sola: alone
sólo: only
sombrero: hat
somos: we are
son: they/you pl. are
soy: I am
su: his, her
suelo: ground, floor
suficiente: sufficient
superiores: superior
sur: south
sus: his, her (plural)
tácticas: tactics
talentoso: talented
talentosos: talented (plural)
también: also
tampoco: neither
tan (bonita) como: as (pretty) as
tarde: late
te escucho: I listen to you; I am listening to you.
te llamas: you call yourself; your name is
te quiero: I love you
telescopio: telescope
temblor: earthquake
tenemos: we have
tengo: I have
territorios: territories
terror: terror
ti: you
tiene que escapar: he/she has to escape
tiene: he/she has
tienen miedo: they/you pl. have fear, are afraid
tienen: they/you pl. have
tienes: you have
típico: typical
tira: he/she throws
toca: he/she touches
todavía: still, yet
todo/todos: everything, everyone, all
toma: he/she takes
tomar: to take, to drink
tonto: dumb, silly
torturan: they/you pl. torture
tradición: tradition
transportar: to transport
transporte: transportation
treinta: thirty
tres: three
triste: sad
tú: you (informal)
tu: your
tuya: yours
un: a, an
uno por uno: one by one
unos: some
usan: they/you pl. use
usar: to use
usé: I used
usted: you (formal)
ustedes: you pl.
va a (ir): he/she goes, is going (to go)
vámonos: letʼs go
vamos a hacer: we are going to make/do
vamos a tomar: let’s drink
vamos: we go, letʼs go
van: they/you pl. go
varias: various
vas a ser: you are going to be
vas: you go
vaya: go (subjuntive)
ve: he/she sees
veces: times
vegetación: vegetation
vegetales: vegetables
ven: they/you pl. see
Venezuela: Venezuela
ver: to see
Veracruz: Veracruz
víctimas: victims
victorias: victories
violencia: violence
violenta: violent
violentamente: violently
voy: I go
voz: voice
y: and
ya no: no longer
ya: already
ya: enough already
yo: I
zapatos: shoes



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