Sites of interest


I have created various sites and activities to help you study Spanish.

QUIA: Go to my profile site to find activities for your level.

Here you will find…

  • suggestions about how to study a language.  Please try to find the best method for you.
  • various activities to practice vocabulary we are studying
  • a listing of numerous websites for more information and practice

Typing with non-English keyboards:

PODCASTS: Look for the orange square symbol to the right. I made some podcasts of stories for Spanish I at this site so that you may practice listening. You can go to the websites listed below, or you can do the following:

  • Click on the orange square symbol.
  • At that site, click on the listening activity and download it.
  • You can upload it to your iPod or listen with Windows Media Player.


Spanish I – 1st 9 weeks

Spanish I – La vaca y el mono

Caperucita Roja

I plan to add more soon for other levels, too

GAMES (made with the Hot Potatoes program) TO PRACTICE VOCABULARY:


Look at the videos in the grey box below and to the right.  You can see all of them if you click below the last one that is shown.  There are many that should be helpful in learning Spanish.  Some are for fun and others are great practice.


Look at the BLUE BOX.NET BOX below with MY SHARED FILES.  You can download files that I have uploaded for your use.  It contains files for all levels and are especially helpful for levels III and IV.

Here are directions on how to use the alt + number pad OR to set your keyboard to a Spanish keyboard that many of you asked for!
Trabalenguas – Tongue Twisters Escucha – Listen…

Cute stories with audio:

Another helpful site…  NOTES IN SPANISH – See how Ben Curtis learned Spanish when he went to live in Spain.  He has been there 10 years now and his wife, Marina, helps him to help others learn Spanish.  They have some suggestions and phrases for you:

DAILY FRONT PAGE NEWS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD – You can see the front page of newspapers in 60+ countries:

News from Mexico: Video broadcasts

You can create your own books IN SPANISH !!!!

Listening Practice & PowerPoints for Grammar

Maps for Reference – Mexico and Central America, South America, and Spain

App to download to practice Spanish:

Foreign Language Festival Resources:

LIST of TOPICS with some website resources – Look at the BLUE BOX to the right with MY SHARED FILES for a file with the list.

Projects about Spanish-speaking countries – There’s a lot of information at this site about all of those countries:

POETRY for the festival –

ART for the festival- Sites listed for muralists and other artists:

Un sitio muy interesante…

Brain Games

* Shown to improve memory and attention
* Detailed feedback and improvement tracking
* Fun and easy: full workout in less than 10 minutes/day
* Start your training today

I hope that these activities will help you on your way to learning as much Spanish as you can!!!



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