FL Festival

Judging Criteria and Requirements


You may do a project for the Foreign Language Festival, which takes place in the middle of March. You can get a test grade for the project.
Check out the projects that you can do for the Foreign Language Festival. Only the best projects can go to the Festival. Start now. I will need to have completed projects by February 1.

Recitation of a poem – Memorize and recite a poem. You will have to practice telling me and the class.
Reading Proficiency – Read a passage with menus and itineraries, etc. and answer questions. You will have to practice after school for this.
Oral Proficiency – Chat with a judge for a few minutes. You will have to practice after school for this.
Listening Proficiency – Listen to passages read and answer questions about it. You will have to practice after school for this.
Writing Proficiency
– Choose one prompt from two listed and write for 30 minutes. You will have to practice after school for this.
Dialogue – Two students prepare a conversation to give in front of a judge, based upon the topics for their particular year of study.
Project – This may include the following: models of buildings, landscapes, and/or monuments; advertisements, cookbooks, and/or other print media; presentations on history, literature and/or other forms of cultural expression.
Video – No longer than ten minutes – The video should depict the culture, should be in Spanish, and should reflect this year’s theme chosen by KWLA.
Art – You may make a copy of an original piece by a Spanish artist, or you may create an original piece of your own that depicts Spanish culture.
Chorus – This involves weekly practice and a commitment to the group.
Dance – Two years ago we did the Paso Doble. Last year we did the Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. This year we’re doing the ChaCha and Tango. This involves weekly practice and a commitment to the group.

The following potential topic list will be used for all Language Proficiency Assessments (except Recitation of a Literary Passage)..
• I – introducing oneself, family, pets; weather, school.
• II – All previous topics plus: getting dressed; going to a restaurant; describing home, friends, leisure activities.
• III – All previous topics plus: daily routines; going shopping; describing the community
• IV – All previous topics plus: describing holiday celebrations; discussing health, professions, travel, transportation, vacations.
• V – All previous topics plus: talking about future plans; discussing culture/contemporary cultural issues (current events, economics, literature, science, social studies, etc)

Visit this site for vocabulary lists for your topics:

BBC’s GCSE Bitesize site
Listening and Speaking practice for various levels


Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing practice for various levels

OhioLINK Digital Media Center



PROJECTS – Maybe you could create stores of a city… Check this out…



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