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Adapted Mind Reading – 5th grade

IXL Reading 5th grade


Research Coon Hounds.

Like just about everyone else, coon hounds are on the Internet. See what you can find out about them by searching on the World Wide Web and share your findings with your group.

Use these questions to guide your research:

  • Which dog breeds are used as coon hounds?
  • Which coon hound breeds are recognized by the kennel clubs?
  • What are the characteristics of good coon hounds?
  • How are coon hounds judged in competition?
  • What are the best ways to take care of these dogs? Here are two good places to start.

            American Kennel Club

            United Kennel Club


Create a Criss-Cross Crossword Puzzle with the list that you were given below.


Sounder Word List

Storyboard 1-2

Cause and Effect  3-5

Cause and Effect 3-4

Timeline  6-8

Timeline 6-8

Writing  Writing

Reading Journal

point of view, character analysis, or comparison and contrast.

The following is a list of beginning sentences to help you start a reading journal:

I think this setting is important because…

This character reminds me of someone I know because…

This character reminds me of myself because…

This character is like [name of character] _____________________in ________________________  [title of work] because…

I like/dislike this idea, ________________________________________,  because…

This scene reminds me of a similar scene in…

This section is particularly effective because…

The ideas here remind me of the ideas in __________________ [title of work] because…

This incident reminds me of a similar situation in my own life. It happened when…

I like/dislike this writing because…




  1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper defending the actions of the father.
  2. Update the story by assigning names to the characters of the story and naming a Southern town as the location of the events.
  3. The letter must have an opening paragraph briefly reviewing the facts in the case and stating your position on the father’s guilt and punishment, a middle paragraph which explains the reasons for your opinion (at least 3), and an ending paragraph which calls for appropriate action.
  4. Use the computer to type your letter in proper business letter format.
  5. Be prepared to share your letter.

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Which verb should you use?